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LOUIS VUITTON LOUIS VUITTON M80010 Louis Vuitton Cup Limited Sac San Diego Diagonal Shoulder Bag Leather Unisex Blue

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Product management number (product URL):9865-Y-220323-7
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Outer: Slight Scratch, rubbed, burnt on leather
Handle-Strap: Peeling, burnt on leather, Fluffing
Corners and edges: Minor stain
Inner: Peeling
Metal part: Slight Scratch
Fastener part: Minor stain, rust
[Model] Sac San Diego
Diagonal Louis Vuitton Cup Limited [Serial Number] MI0912
It is a Shoulder Bag with an impressive contrast between the blue color with good coloring and the leather. It is an attractive item with a compact size suitable for everyday use and a limited design.
Product number (model number)M80010
BrandOther Brands
TypeBrand bag
TypeShoulder Bag
SizeW21cm x H23cm x D6.5cm
PocketRetractable: Fastener
Inner: 1 open pocket

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