CHANEL A82527 V stitch chain wallet caviar skin ladies shoulder bag DH63544 [used] AB rank

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Product management number (product URL):9870-DH63544
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  • Second hand AB rank
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Outside: There is some rubbing.
Inside: There is rubbing and dirt.
Metal fittings: There are scratches on the Coco mark.
Shoulder: There are some small scratches.

There is a feeling of use a little, but it is a product that can still be used.
Serial: 253 *****
Country of production: Italy
Product Description: Although it is a long wallet-sized shoulder bag, it is divided into three parts and has excellent storage capacity and usability.
Others: ※ With serial number seal

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Product number (model number)A82527
TypeBrand bag
TypeShoulder bag
ColorBlack / black
MaterialCaviar skin
TheH about 90mm x W about 180mm x D about 30mm
Shoulder: Approximately 128 cm
PocketInside: 6 card pockets

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